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Resources for tropical storm in Claremont

As Hurricane Hilary, currently a category one hurricane, makes its way toward Los Angeles County, safety is at the top of our minds. Scattered showers Sunday morning have been steady throughout the region; however, the National Weather Service (NWS) anticipates the bulk of the rain and weather won’t arrive to Los Angeles County until closer to 5 p.m. Sunday then continuing through Monday.

City Manager Adam Pirrie has activated Claremont’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at a “standby” level. An EOC is a central command and control system—either physical or virtual—that carries out emergency preparedness and management, or disaster management, during an emergency. A flash flood warning is currently in effect for Claremont.

City staff, including police, fire and public information units, are prepared to report and respond to incidents from trees and power lines down to road flooding. Also, city storm drains have been cleared in preparation for today’s storm.

Claremonters are reminded to keep cellphones and computers at full charge in the event of power outages.

The Sunday Farmer's Market in the Village was cancelled Sunday, as well as Monday Night's Concert in the Park. Claremont's Wilderness Park is also closed until further notice.

Resources for residents, including how to sign up for city emergency alerts, are listed below:

• To report storm damage, click HERE and fill out the request for service. City staff will closely monitor requests throughout the day and city crews are fully staffed and prepared to respond.

• To sign up for city of Claremont emergency alerts, click HERE. Claremont Police will send out emergency alerts if necessary.

For life threatening situations, please call 911.

The NWS forecast anticipates showers with an east/northeast wind from 15 to 25 mph, with gusts as high as 35 mph. Approximately three or more inches of rain are expected Sunday night. Although Hurricane Hilary is weakening as it moves northeast toward California, severe weather and extreme rain are expected Sunday and Monday.

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